About Furniture Centre

About Furniture Centre

In 1957, in the lake city of Mwanza, Tanzania, Mr. Mithoo Hasham Jamal first laid the foundations of a small furniture retail store called Furniture Centre. Today the same family establishment has grown to become one of Tanzania’s largest and well-known furniture retailer and manufacturer. The company currently has eighteen nationwide branches and a high capacity of 50,000 soft manufacturing plant located in Dar es Salaam.


Furniture Centre’s growth and expansion have been due in a large part to the fact that it has remained loyal to its original mission of offering quality design at exceptional prices. The product selections are also practical and the widest in a range of quality furniture in the market.  The company has throughout the years both influenced and well adapted to the localized furniture requirement of the industry. Customers today can choose from a range of elegant imported furniture to world-class locally manufactured furniture… all of which are built to last.


The 400 Employees at Furniture Centre share a passion and excitement for all things “home & office” by providing the finest products, timeless designs and expert guidance. With fresh, seasonal styles and a unique point of view on the latest trends, Furniture centre remains a place that both associates and customers are happy to call…home.


In all its time, Furniture Centre has also been passionately involved in the social development of the community. Some of its main efforts have been toward improving the educational environment in this country. Tanzania suffers from a critical shortage of school desks. In many cases, students without any access to classroom furniture are made to work directly on the floor. Furniture Centre continues to support schools across Tanzania with the production and supply of school furniture.


In 2014, Furniture Centre (DSM) LTD had been honored with Super Brands award as Tanzania’s Strongest Consumer Brand. The firm achieved the status following a strict selection process by the Super brands Council and Consumers from across East Africa.


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